Love Yourself.

I'm Hailey. 18 year old college student on the eternal journey to get fit, eat healthy, and learn to love my body along the way.

Casual Morning Rant

If there is one thing that really bothers me, it’s when people get me mixed up with other heavy blonde girls. Especially girls that are loud, annoying, or a lot more overweight than I am. Maybe it sounds shallow but it’s like a major blow to the confidence every time it happens. It happened in high school, at work, and this morning it happened to me with my close friend in college. Yes, it was early and I’m sure she wasn’t awake yet but she confused with me this girl who is much more overweight than me, and I’m not talking just a few pounds. 

There isn’t anything wrong with being overweight but today (and this week in general) I am finally starting to feel good about myself and feel like I’m starting to make progress and slim down….and then this happens. It just hurts my self-esteem because I don’t think I look like that. She is very, very obese and it’s an honest mistake on my friend’s part….it just hurts seeing the way people really see me.