Love Yourself.

I'm Hailey. 19 year old college student on the eternal journey to get fit, eat healthy, and learn to love my body along the way.

A Moment of Clarity.

Do you ever look at yourself? I mean, really honest-to-God stop and look at yourself. Obviously, you know what you look like; hair color, eye color, generally body shape…but today, when I really stopped to see myself, I felt sad. Not ugly or ashamed or disgusted. Just sad. I felt like I’d let myself down. 

I am living my busy, busy life without a second glance at how I’ve been treating my body.  Huge amounts of sun exposure, fast food, no sleep, alcohol, too much food in general, and zero exercise….what? That is no way to live (and let me tell you - my body knows). It makes me upset. I was working so hard and staying in tune with my body and for the last few weeks, I’ve some how forgotten how to do so. 

I have so much potential and it’s not fair to myself to keep walking around trying to be invisible, ignoring the fact that I’m 60 pounds overweight. I deserve to be fit, happy, healthy, and anything else I wanna be in life.

This is a big step for me. This day was a big deal.  

3 pounds down this week!

Thank you weight watchers ;) so excited to be making progress again. I’m working 12 hour days so squeezing in exercise isn’t exactly easy right now, but my main goal is to keep tracking so I can keep losing.